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Crafting Web3 Excellence

Smart Contracts
  • Secure, Efficient Smart Contracts
  • NFTs, Defi, you name it
  • Aiken, of course, also Haskell and Marlowe
  • Expert auditing of your contracts
  • Improve security and performance
  • Manual and automated testing
  • Scalable backend for your growth
  • Data security and privacy compliance
  • Optimize efficiency for reliable web3 applications
  • Robust, scalable, and secure
  • High availability and data redundancy
  • Optimize network and cloud resources for peak performance
  • Engaging and functional UIs
  • Intuitive and responsive frontends
  • User-centered and seamless interactivity.

Audits that stop bugs

Let the numbers do the talking. Here’s how we did so far.

100% of the Audits

Identified critical findings. All customers were prevented from having critical risks.

17% of Critical Findings

Auditing resulted in resolution of critical issues that would have been severe risks to users.

10 Average Findings

Finding issues in code is our expertise, do not risk your project.

Hiring format

Fixed budget
Team augmentation
Time and materials
Trusted by

Builders of the code behind many of the biggest projects on Cardano

The team

Core Team
Santiago Carmuega
Federico Weill
Emmanuel Gunther
Alejandro Gadea
Lucas Rosa
Kasey White
Franco Luque
Dev Team
Maico Leberle
Ignacio Dopazo
Agustín Osiecki
Nicolás Ludueña
Felipe Sasdelli
Sara Kim
Francisco Zavalla
Sofía Bobbiesi
Francisco Joray
Benjamín Martínez Picech
Lola Aimar
Hong Jing
Mauro Escudero
James Harper
Paulo Bressan
Alexsander Falcucci
Valentino Cerutti
Let’s talk
TxPipe Shop Logo